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For the past two years

For the past two years, I have made multiple trips to Ethiopia to find a way to search and assist these orphans, school age children, the elderly, and their families. “My Neighbors Foundation” anticipates assisting these groups in Ethiopia to create a vibrant and responsible future generation by accomplishing the following:

  • “My Neighbors” will provide each child with medical care, nutritious food, clothes, monthly school fees, annual school uniforms, and supplies for attending public and private schools. Special consideration will be given to sibling groups and older children who may be on the verge of giving up on life.
  • “My Neighbors” will provide the elderly with medical care, food, clothing, and rent payment assistance.
  • The elderly who have been abandoned today have extended family nearby who are simply unable to care for them due to extreme poverty. “My Neighbors” will enable these families to re-integrate nieces, nephews and grandchildren, even the children of close friends who may have been orphaned by AIDS or other difficult situations.
  • “My Neighbors” will help develop adolescent care committees consisting of elderly people tasked to guide and mentor adolescents struggling with identity crises and social difficulties. Helping these young people find direction and moral support will aid in transforming generations and communities to come.
  • Ethiopians are a group-oriented society and, therefore, “My Neighbors” will encourage and teach families to create more transparent communication avenues to support each other.
  • “My Neighbors” will craft a replicable model that can be extended throughout the country of Ethiopia to the surrounding communities where churches exist and active evangelistic programs abound.
  • “My Neighbors” will be assisted by volunteers in Ethiopia. The Addis Ababa church of Christ leadership will supervise and follow up with these families and their children. The leadership team will also assign a team to perform the functions necessary to successfully administer the program.
  • “My Neighbors” will have a bi-annual evaluation process to measure student’s progress. To assist students with the lowest grades and difficulties in their education, a mentor program to assist these children with academic performance will be developed.
  • “My Neighbors” will work with local civic and governmental organizations to enroll adolescents in technical and handcraft training programs designed to help them acquire skills that, ultimately, help them compete in the job market.
  • “My Neighbors” will prepare and provide bi-annual progress reports to donors.

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